British Voice Over Talent
Natalie Donegan


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Natalie DoneganA seasoned Voice Over Talent with a genuine English (British) accent,
based in the USA with her own project studio.
With clients in Asia, Canada, Europe, Great Britain, New Zealand and the USA. 
Projects incl: Telephone Voice Mail/IVR/On-Hold, Educational/Travel Videos, Corporate Presentations, e-Learning, Video Games, GPS Prompts, Radio and Television Commercials/Competitions, Internet Videos, Tag Lines, plus more.

“Perfect for radio! Instead of using another bad impression, get the real thing!"
Scott Hirschi, Cherry Creek Radio

Her accent is from Cambridge, England; English RP, Queens English, BBC.
Clear and professional with a caring, engaging, warm tone for sincere and sophisticated tracks.
Believable, friendly, and intelligent with a natural delivery for more standard tracks.
Listening to Natalie is like listening to someone talking to you in person,
perfect for any project that requires her to reach out to the listener.

“Accommodated our tight schedule, paid great attention to project details and far exceeded expectations."
Joe Adams, BeamAudio

  She can turn on her exotic, sexy, sultry voice for radio and television commercials. 
Has a distinctive hard-sell when needed and has creatively voiced up-beat narration to evoke excitement.
Natalie has worked on corporate presentations and web commercials that needed to inspire with her sincere tone
and others that required her professionalism and and intellect.  She has been a modest, shy character in a video game.
An authentic, sincere voice for e-learning studies and has a motherly, warm delivery perfect for educational tracks.


Projects completed

Voice mail, on-hold, IVR

Radio and television commercials 
Radio and television imaging

Corporate presentations
Internet videos
Tag lines

Inflight announcements

GPS prompts

Video games

  Educational resources and e-Learning

Webcasts and pod casts

Movie trailers
Film and documentary narrations

“The character of her voice, her professionalism and demeanor, communicate stability and credibility.”
Brian Cooney,  MotionFoundry